STOP making me look like a jack ass


There is nothing like introducing a friend to your other friends and having them make you look like a jack ass! I know the people I have grown to love as a family could benefit him, but he himself is acting like a needy child, and it is embarrassing on my end because I introduced him to these people. I get it, he is lonely, and needing someone to spend time with, but at the same time. Don’t do it in a way that is bad.

Don’t sit there telling women you are going to take them. You don’t even know these women. Maybe that is your issue? You need to slow down, and maybe have some patience. Finding a good submissive isn’t about taking the first pussy that walks through the door. Being a Dominant is a Deep, profound, intimate role where you KNOW your submissive!!!

How can you meet someone for 2 minutes, and say..OMG I am TAKING you??? You don’t know them well enough to know if they are worth the effort!!! Slow your role, have some patience, and stop making me look like an idiot for bringing you in!!! This isn’t Gor…This is D/s it is deeper, because you are to respect your submissive just as much as she does you!!! In Gor you take things..Here in real life. You go to jail it’s called kidnapping!!

I hate to say it, but I know he can do well here, but at the same time. Bittersweet is my home now. I feel safe, and I am really happy here. I will choose Bittersweet over someone acting stupid. Get your act together, and tone it down, or be kicked out! It doesn’t mean you aren’t my friend anymore. It just means that you have to learn some lessons on your own!


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