So apparently I will be seeing a doctor sooner than I thought. Back in 2010 I broke my knee. I used to belly dance and during such I snapped my tendon which led to me falling down and tearing my ACL and Meniscus. The doctor said I will forever have permanent nerve damage, and will need to have surgery. At the time I had no health insurance, and well where I was living the health care was actually voted the worst in the nation. So I waited!

Now my knee is getting worse, and well we have finally moved. I have insurance as well now, and I think it is time to see about getting my knee operated on. I am terrified but my Sir wants me to get better. Not having a working leg really hinders on my day to day stuff.

I am unsure if surgery at this point will help, or make it worse. I am terrified to go and even speak to a doctor!


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