The Garden


The scorched earth was ignored and neglected
No evidence of last year’s beauties
A garden sits smothered in weeds now.
Useless land in this condition,
Taking her, while holding hands
They begin their lesson of the Garden.

They stand looking at the overgrowth
Tears silently fall inside because of the carelessness
Gently turning to his sweet, he says,
“It will be up to you to clear this place,
this space of neglect and hate.”
She stares with questioning disbelief at his want,
sadness closes shut.

Timidly among weeds she takes her place.
Softness of her body amongst such sharpness,
In disbelief how this could be expected.
Bowing in submission she begins pulling.
Anger filled with silent rage, as she’s crying
There are shouting words inside, “Help me.”

Under shade of tree not wanting the sun
He drinks the soothingly cool lemonade
Watching her shoulders becoming reddened
Matching the glow on her cheeks
Wiping away the sweat on his brow
Nothing need be said, simply watching

Tired and near exhaustion
The land is being stripped free
On knees inching forward still pulling
Her once delicate hands now bleed
A tear slips from her eye
her shoulder quickly hides the evidence

The area now cleared she stares in his direction.
Easing from this space he inspects the yard.
There in the distance was a bush covered in thorn
Eyes of disbelief as he instructs its removal.
Too tired and weak, she simply obeys.

Clean, bare and pure she can do no more.
He eases her into his arms to carry her off.
A heated bath with silken bubbles awaits her,
delicately undressed from frame
every muscle in her body aches.
No longer can she hold onto the emotion
In this water what was known now breaks
Soft whispers, soothing music and candlelight
Invade her void.

The next morning she was pampered,
A feast brought to her in bed.
There in a fresh light,
Opened blinds exposed the work she had done
A proud smile upon their faces as they laughed in delight.
Helping her into clothing
his gentle kisses embraced her completely

To the Garden where she will sit
being her Master, he shall plant the flowers.
First choice is of the Gardenia shrub
Rich aromatic flavor filling their sense of scent.
To the row of Wisteria hanging over vine
The dotted roses of yellow, crimson, and white
Daisies, hibiscus, and jasmine will grow in time
The garden now planted and complete

Near his love again, their eyes meet
Adoring the beauty of this creation.
Falling into their kissing hour
in the arms of the other, he asks
What are you holding behind your back?
Silently she extends a closed hand
Opening slowly she exposes to him
A thorn.

His lesson now complete
They’ll discuss in beautiful detail
The true meaning of their Garden
And what she has learned today


I was given an assignment. I came along with a poem and I was asked by my mentor to answer the questions associated with it. I did so honestly, and it made me start to feel really sad about my life. I have had my eyes opened and I know there is much work needed for me in my life, but I am eager to begin that transformation. These are the questions asked, with my answers as well. These are very personal questions, but I am done feeling ashamed about my decisions and my life. I know in the future this will change. These answers are for now, but perhaps once I start to change and follow down more on this path my answers could change. We shall see!

What part of your life is neglected?




What is the “one” thing you would change?

My Emotional Issues

What was the largest sacrifice you’ve made?

Giving up my desire to have children of my own, in order to raise someone elses child as my own!


Do you trust enough to give to another completely?

no because I dont know anymore what trust really is.

If asked to do something how far would you go?

I would go as far as I possibly could, as long as the course was justly!

What was the last thing you quit?


Would you ask for help if truly needed?


When was the last time you asked?

Not in a very long time. So long ago I do not remember

Do you consider yourself emotional?

Yes I do

Would you fight or argue in public?

I have before, but I am trying to not do that at all. I do my best to leave all squabbles in private.

What are you most proud of?


What was the last thing you gave away?

My Kindle

What part of your body is most sensitive to touch?

My back

How often do you find time for yourself?

A lot

What was/will be your most intimate moment?

I suppose when I finally let my walls down and fully reveal who I am to my significant other?

What do you love most about yourself?

My ability to adapt!

What is most sacred to you?

My Beliefs

What is one thing you can’t replace?

My Beliefs

What is symbolic of the thorn?

The thorned bush is the most painful task he put to her. It represents the most painful thing in her life, whether physically or emotionally. It could represent her anger as well. By handing him the thorn it is signifying her release of this pain or anger and giving it to him shows she is willing to lay all of herself into his hands!

Do you currently hold any?



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