Today has been terribly long. I got a new book and it’s really interesting. They even talked about Plato’s Allegory cave in it. The book is on religions and such, as I am fascinated with learning, and even though a strong part of me doesn’t believe in religion, I still want to learn more about it. I am the type of person that has no issue discussing religions with people as long as it doesn’t turn into one of those matches where their beliefs are the ONLY way, and are right where everyone else is wrong.

When I think about religions I don’t claim any for myself. I just try to live my life as well as I can, without harming someone else. I believe in Karma, so I guess I lean more towards the modern term for Hinduism. Though I really don’t classify myself anywhere. I don’t practice any religious acts, and I really feel that seeing is believing. Which is odd, because I was raised a stern Christian, was even baptized when I was younger.

I am going to start looking into my past and try to figure out what connections made me stop believing in the Christian faith, and if it was for the better or worse. I suppose we all need to step outside ourselves once in a while to get a new perspective. Does fate really choose our destinies for us steering us down a blind path to gain it? Is there such thing as a destiny, or is there some twisted alternate universe where my decisions I decided NOT to take, are happening and my life perhaps is better?

What is the meaning of life in general, and for that matter, why am I here?


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