Peaceful Warrior


A friend of mine wanted me to watch a movie called, The Peaceful Warrior. It is a drama, about a male gymnast who gets injured in a motorcycle accident. Anyways, during this film the college student meets a man that decides to help him to live his life better. The college student had a huge ego, and because of it was burning bridges in his life. He was certain he was the best at it all. When he got into his accident it angered him very much, but this man helped him. Everyone wanted something from this college kid, and so he did his best to give them what they wanted instead of following his own heart.

“Everyone tells you what to do and what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find your own answers; they want you to find theirs.” Peaceful Warrior

In life, why would you spend your time trying to do what others want you to do? Now, I know this go against my Gorean slave ethics but in reality…we aren’t doormats!!! We can say no, we just have consequences. Why ask someone a question, and take their word for it? Why not gather your own information, seek out the answer for yourself, and not just be blinded because someone said it.

“All you gotta do is being conscious of your choices, and responsible of your actions.” Peaceful Warrior

This is true. Many people say all you need to do in life is pay your taxes and die. You know what, that isn’t true. You need to be conscious of your choices, making the right decision for yourself…Do not worry about others, they do not live your life…Just know that your decision, actions have consequences, do not hide from them. Embrace them, accept them, and move on….

Many slaves tend to do this. The only person you need to think about is you’re Owner, and yourself. I know, I know…a slave should only think about their owner’s needs…Bull shit. An unhappy slave will not serve…PERIOD!!!! Do not forget that a slave gives you the power to control them, they can take it away. It is a gift, and not one to take lightly…Do not worry about your slave sisters that share your chain. Sure they become friends, and help with pleasing your owner, but you do not serve them, you do not cater to them….You serve your owner, and so his happiness may come first, but do not forget that you are not a door mat and have choices you can decide on yourself…just be ready to accept your consequences…

“The Journey is what brings us happiness.” Peaceful Warrior

This last quote I believe is what he wanted me to learn the most. My dear friend has been at me for weeks. I always want a guarantee in my relationships. I guess the way it comes across is a guarantee. If I know it won’t amount to anything, I won’t be with someone. That’s just who I have always been.  I used to be careless with my love life. Taking it as it came to me, and when it was gone it was gone. For some reason now I have to have at least the hope that something more would come of it.

As a slave, I want that commitment that when I am owned I will be owned until my dying day. Finding the Master to give me that commitment is harder than anything. I know it can happen because I see it all the time. Girls who have been owned by men for 20 years. I want that. Without some little hope that I can get that from someone, then I won’t continue with the relationship.

Maybe he is right. Maybe I need to step back and just enjoy the ride?


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