(Super cute collar design)

You may think, at first, that it’s the cold mental locking around your neck that proves that I own you. You’d be wrong. It isn’t that at all – that’s just a passing symbol, a convenient way to bring the reality home. Cast it aside any day you want – it won’t change a thing.

It isn’t the collar. It’s that feeling inside. That feeling that doesn’t go away. That feeling that now you belong somewhere – with me. That now your actions are reflective of me. That now your goals must all be for me.

That now you are rooted, held, contained. That now you have purpose. That now you are anchored. That you are not free to go where you will, do as you will, speak as you will, believe as you will. That now there is a greater truth than the silliness of your own thoughts and feelings – me.

I am your center, I am your compass, and I am your path. I am your Will. You may rebel, or fight, or break the rules… but in doing so you only contradict, and harm, yourself. I am the forces of nature, I am gravity, I am truth… you may deny me for a time, but you can no more escape me than you can escape the surface of the earth.

This is what being owned means. This is what being mine means. This is where your submission has led you. There is no freedom from me now, for there is no part of your world that isn’t already me.

I do not know who wrote this, but I love it!!!


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