Lesson Three


I was given the book: The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli. Most of it was rather difficult to read, and I found it dull and boring. Sir Seven wanted me to read it, and apply it to my D/s. The book goes on to discuss how to keep a kingdom. He gets in depth of how to control such, and in which ways work best.

I can see how this applies to D/s in ways. You can’t just force your submissive to be yours. They would feel imprisoned and try to find any means possible to escape. They would rebel at any moment they had, and it would be an exhausting fete. You would end up beating your submissive and torturing them to get the slightest bit of service out of them.

You could inherit your submissive. I have seen it done before, but I am not sure it would last long. Firstly the submissive would still have their heart serving the owner prior. Over time their devotion for you wouldn’t last. They would need to find someone who could fulfill them as they were prior to you obtaining them. I myself know how hard it is to serve someone when your heart pines for another.

You could easily earn you way with a submissive. Learning what works for them, accepting them for the beliefs and traditions, but you cannot remain nice with them all the time. You must impose your rule over them, punish them for their misdeeds, but also be compassionate and understanding. This is how to capture their hearts, and make them remain loyal to you.

Sir Seven asked me if I would want my subjects of my kingdom to love me or fear me. I instantly said love, who wouldn’t want that? After reading this I understand more now. You have to be loved and feared in order for a kingdom to truly work.


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