The other day I was lying in bed asleep and the strangest thing happened. Where I live it is so humid that even at night it feels like 100 degrees outside. I cannot afford to run my air conditioner 24 hours a day, so at night when it is at least a few degrees cooler I use my window with a fan in it and sleep in front of it. My bed is positioned that way. So as I slept I felt something cold on my lips. I reached up to touch it and it jumped away. Scared the crap out of me.  When I jumped up, my heart racing in my chest, I rushed and turned the light on. What I found was the cutest little frog. How the heck did a frog get into my room, which is on the second floor, through a screened window?

Now Sir Seven and I have been speaking much about enlightenment, the Allegory cave, and even my own Master has had me watch movies on topics similar. I have noticed my thought process changing a little bit, questioning everything now in my life, of what is the truth, and what is it that is blinding me. When I researched symbolism of the frog some pretty interesting things came up.

“In fairytales, all it takes for an ugly frog to transform into a handsome prince is a single kiss from a beautiful princess. In this story, the frog is a symbol of transformation. The frog is a transformational creature in real life too, and because of the life cycle of this amphibious creature is carried out in so visible a manner it is a reminder of resurrection and the cycle of life, of birth, death, and rebirth. Egyptian mummies were wrapped in amulets depicting the image of a frog as a charm to help the person to be reborn. The frogs’ links with water are obvious, and it often appears on rain charms. In ancient China, the frogs’ image appeared on the drums that were played to summon thunder, the herald of much needed rain. In Egypt the frog symbolized fertility (because of its enthusiastic mating habits and abundance spawn) and so they were sacred to Hekit, the mid wife of the Gods.  “Frog” has become the English speakers’ nickname for the French, who notoriously eat frogs’ legs as a delicacy. Indeed, before the French ruling classes adopted the Fleur De Lys as their emblem, the frog was France’s national symbol.” Page 277, the Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar

So as I read this excerpt from the book I had lying around, I can see the Frogs many different wonders. How this reflects to me is that a frog only comes around during certain times in your life. Now despite the frog being one of my favorite creatures, it landed on my lips, on my face, in the middle of the night as I was sleeping. I do not know what it truly means, but the fact that the frog is a huge transformational creature, and it symbolizes much of transformation, perhaps something in my life is about to be transformed. Whether it is for the better, that I have to wait and see.


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