Chocolate Pie




[8:04:37 PM] Me: OMFG you better come eat your pie before I do cause they are spectacular


[8:04:37 PM] Me:  ROFLMAO


[8:04:47 PM] Sir: lol


[8:04:57 PM] Sir: you’ve just been craving sugar. lol


[8:05:03 PM] Me:  I seriously am


[8:05:31 PM] Sir: Then have it.


[8:05:42 PM] Me:  babe you never get anything sweet or special


[8:05:55 PM] Sir: That’s not true


[8:06:07 PM] Me:  how is it not true


[8:06:13 PM] Sir: I have you


[8:06:18 PM] Me:  awwwwwwwwwwwwwww


[8:06:23 PM] Me:  I love you


[8:06:27 PM] Sir: I love you too



Of course I would never eat his dessert. I simply like to tease him, but him saying that made my day and I had to share!!! Also this conversation happened far before I entered into the D/s training. So please forgive the topping language if it’s there!



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