A Fresh Start

Rainbow Sky Fresh Start

So had a great night with my dominant! We sat down and started to read the lessons by my mentor one by one. We made it to the contract drafting, and we plan to do that tonight. My dominant went and wrote down his hard and soft limits, as did I. So I will ask him later if it is permitted to put his down here on my blog.

We are going to go through and see what our needs are next, and write down a list of needs and match them together and talk on them. We also spoke a bit more. I admitted that in the past when I refused to listen to him, that I didn’t see him as a dominant to me. I believe this has to do with us starting out on a vanilla level, and never really having that line drawn.

We didn’t argue, or yell at each other. Instead we cuddled and just spoke from the heart. It really made me feel differently about him, and we agreed to start over completely fresh. No more talking about the past, no more trying to hurt each other. We have set a line, he is Dominant and I am submissive, and that’s our relationship.

I am to continue to learn under Sir Seven, and to continue my education in the lifestyle. My dominant does not care if I role-play in second life, even though I don’t want too, but he said that it is fine. What amazes me is that he isn’t the type to make me do things even if it affects my health. He doesn’t make me do a lot of things, and he said that it doesn’t make him less dominant if he cooks dinner, or makes me less submissive.

So I am super excited. It is like exploring each other all over again. Not only will this be good for us, it will benefit our daughter more as well. We aren’t entirely open with our D/s relationship in front of her. Though we do raise her under a more old fashioned home. She knows her father’s rules are law, and that I support his decisions. We teach her as well to be strong, independent and feminine. We want her prepared for the real world, but we want her open minded and not a sheep like most of the people around us.

I hope this works out, because we know if it doesn’t;  then divorce is around the corner. Although I am certain we aren’t like most people. We know that if we don’t make each other happy, and it won’t work out in an intimate relationship, we will always be friends, and help each other. Maybe that is true love?


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